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Ten.Two Hundred & Ninety-Nine

1. 3:30. Forgot to turn off the airport alarm. 

2. Coffee from the lobby and quick walk around the grounds. Overcast skies and big peach-colored roses.  

3. Fremont Diner for a good biscuit with sweet marmalade and scrambled eggs and bacon. And Coffee. I finally get a chance to do a photo booth. 

4. Flowers.  

5. We walk the square. Plump ducks with feathers I wish I could pick. My eyes search the grounds for loose ones I might be able to stick in my pocket. 

6. A big salad and an Arnold Palmer. So much sun.  

7. Here. The ranch is just as beautiful as I remembered it to be. It always is.  

8. Deeply grateful for all that’s to come.  

9. So sweaty.  

10. Delirium has set in after a long day. Laughter and sleep.