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Ten.Six Hundred & Eighty-Six
  1. Why am I so tired?

  2. Cinnamon loaf and fruit and coffee. He’s upset because I won’t let him have both cereal and the cinnamon loaf. One carb. Fruit, water, and protien if you’re still hungry dude. He is not one for balance.

  3. More coffee. The time to go has come too soon.

  4. Cold.

  5. The sun breaks free for a moment. When you’re under it, it feels so warm. But I know the rain is coming back.

  6. Is this for real? Is she emailing me? This is a divine sign. If she thinks I could do it, then maybe I can. Keep speaking it out loud. Things will begin to happen.

  7. He tells me I’m beautiful. Old dudes full of wine. He’s nice though and from Chicago. He knows Naperville and North Central College.

  8. I think of the panels at the Forum. Also, he quit. I can’t believe that.

  9. But really, I can’t believe she emailed me.

  10. I tell her that I am having fun here. That I’m happy. That I’m tired. But the good kind of tired.

Ten.Six Hundred & Eighty-Five
  1. Okay. What is on tap for today?

  2. Rain yet? I see a little bit of sky through the window slats. I put on the pink earrings. They are funky and a little weird but the most perfect color.

  3. I’m glad I kept my winter coat.

  4. He did it! He hit the ball! To go from crying in the outfield to getting a hit that gets a run home. You could see the joy in his face. We’re all rooting for him.

  5. Too loud.

  6. Why didn’t I pack an umbrella? I walk two blocks in the rain. This new Bounty Hunter is so pretty. A little more posh than the original one in Napa. Blue-green penny tile on the bathroom floors. Leather straps on the banquet seats.

  7. Beer Can Chicken, grilled veggies, french fries for balance. Phillips Hill Gewurtztraminer.

  8. And then suddenly you realize that what you thought would be a 1-hour lunch has turned into a 3-hour lunch. The both of you agree on smore’s as a dessert.

  9. Mind full of possibilities.

  10. Work tomorrow but I predict a slow day which will leave plenty of room for dreaming.

Ten.Six Hundred & Eighty-Four
  1. Cloud cover.

  2. Quick menu plan. I think of the portion of the book where they talk about the kitchen. About the woman who wanted to enjoy cooking again in her kitchen. And how it was just a matter of making the space funtion in a way that supported that desire. Maybe that’s what I’m missing.

  3. Eucalyptus and Chamomile.

  4. Fog still hugging Mt. Diablo. I can’t yet see the peak. But I notice the trees and the little bit of green still hanging around. I wonder if some of the hills will regain their color with this rain.

  5. But really the cutest little baby. I tell her that I have no regrets and that makes me very happy. Prosciutto and manchego and olives and almonds and goat cheese and strawberries also make me very happy.

  6. She shakes her head when I say that I wonder if I’m cut out for traditional work.

  7. He grills the meat and I make the broth. I’m excited to drink Taquine at dinner.

  8. Everyone will think I’m crazy but I’m wearing the ankle-length parka to the baseball game. It’s a little cool and once the sun starts to set the wind will begin to blow and it’s going to be cold.

  9. Foul ball. Foul ball. Foul ball. At least he’s making contact at this at bat. I think it was the catch to end the last inning. He just needed a little bit of confidence.

  10. They do make scrub brushes with long handles and an angled brush and that pivots 180 degrees!

Ten.Six Hundred & Eighty-Three
  1. Oh, yes. The English muffins.

  2. The sound of the rain. The smell of the rain. This is the kind of day that makes you want to curl up in the corner of the sofa. I wonder if they’ll cancel the vineyard tour.

  3. I release myself from the shame of buying them Lunchables twice this week. I tell her that next year I’ll get my act together.

  4. Batonnage sweatshirt, jeans, rain coat. I think I’m ready for this.

  5. Rain drops on roses.

  6. Newly grafted vines. These will be Cabernet Franc. They hope the birds won’t like to eat them as much as they liked to eat the Malbec.

  7. But it really is just a beautiful place. Even with the cloudy skies. We slide a little bit in the mud. I ask her why viticulture. I’d choose viticulture too if this had been my backyard.

  8. Some of them hold more than 15,000 gallons. I like the word “glycol.” Tractors and forklifts. Hoses.

  9. The smell of barrels.

  10. It almost seems crazy to tell a person that it’s not worth the money. But it’s not worth the money. One of our jobs is to remind one another of our shared values. And to support actions that are in alignment with those values.

Ten.Six Hundred & Eighty-Two
  1. We need breakfast.

  2. Remind him that today is a short day and that we can’t be gone for too long.

  3. The smell of rain. Will probably need to pick them up from school today. What will be for dinner? Today feels like a soup day. Yes. Maybe soup.

  4. Just write.

  5. I read Seth Godin while “The Price is Right” trickles into my years. The receptionist doesn’t look all tha friendly. Auto repair places are so similar.

  6. I don’t know what I expected, but I definitely didn’t expect the drink to be so pretty. Pale pink with dried rose petals and a dried stick of thyme. Refreshing grapefruit.

  7. Lioco 2017 Fox Block XIII Pinot Noir, North Coast

  8. One is darting in and out of the bike lane and the other is riding some other kids’ bike. They ask if we followed them. Just when you think you could trust ‘em.

  9. Something about the exchange. I wonder if people know that when they do things like that, it turns off a pottential customer. That’s three in one month. I could also be taking it too personally. But really, sometimes you just know.

  10. 4 for 4.