Posts tagged ordinary

1. What is the name for this color? Not electric. Not hot. Dayglow? Whatever it is, it is gloriously unnatural and I cannot take my eyes off of it. 

2. The windows are opaque with condensation. More gladiolas have bloomed. I gather the half-empty water glasses from the night before and clink towards the sink. 

3. The softness of this light.  

4. Cappuccino, no coffee.  

5. Sweet orange oil at the base of my neck and on my wrists.

6. The way the wind bends these trees. I don't know what kind of trees they are but the way they sway in storms captivates me.  

7. I admit to her that in some ways I am unwilling to open. I like the closeness of this circle as it now sits.  

8. One kid out of three, and a husband delayed by bad weather, means Portillo's for dinner and a movie in my bed. 

9. Lavender sky. This is a color of night I have yet to see.  

10. The essential is invisible. And so then, how do we see with the heart? I must go read The Little Prince.