Posts tagged climate change

1. The whirring sound of the coffee grinder. 

2. The peppermint is springing back to life; no sign yet that the rabbits are coming close enough to the house to eat the herbs. 

3. There are too many things about Chicago that I do not like, namely, the gentrification and the prices you pay for parking. But driving along Lake Shore Drive can make you forget about it all.

4. Life is a lot like this maze of mirrors.

5. The Golden Ratio. 1.618. Looking for patterns.

6. In ice is the memory of the world. - James Balog

7. If I hadn't seen it in the pictures, I wouldn't have believed it at all. - James Balog

8. This is the memory of the landscape. That landscape is gone. It may never be seen again in the history of civilization and it's stored right here. - James Balog

9. What does it mean to have a visual voice?

10. There is so much to know and un-know.