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1. Dark skies make it hard to wake.

2. Black dress. 

3. 10 years. How quickly the time passes. I can believe it but I can't. 

4. Sets of espresso and cappuccino cups. Indigo ceramics. In this life, I'm determined to find ways to make the ordinary more magical. This is what I live for.

5. I also live for sunrises, sunsets, moody skies, linen, cotton, fresh flowers, dried eucalyptus, their smiles, a firm hand on the small of my back, hot coffee, good wine, the goat cheese croquettes from Barn Diva.

6. Silence.

7. Abundance. Community. Creativity. Curiosity. Inspiration. Grace. Gratitude.

8. Hibiscus flower. It's been imported from Australia and soaked in its own nectar and some sugar. It is delicate and delicious and sweet. 

9. Bison hanger steak with pork cheek angnolotti, charred ramp butter, caramelized carrot puree, fresh peas, pickled garlic scape, and tangy veal jus. 2010 Chateau La Garde Pessac-Leognan. 

10. Don P.X. Gran Reserva. 1986. My first sherry. I am in love.