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Ten.Five Hundred & Seventeen

1. I talk myself into getting up and out of the bed before the alarm. 

2. Too much time spent on trying to get this bun to sit right.  

3. New-to-me Coffee. A lighter and sweeter flavor than we typically drink but still very good.  

4. We’ve learned the magic of the short loop. It will always be faster to use this half-circle. 

5. The brightness of the sun. 

6. Corsican, French, Italian, Alsatian. She picks the wines. What an adventure.

7. Chez Panisse.  

8. I tell him I’m glad I got a chance to see Kermit Lynch in the flesh. Because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to retake the certified exam, but it gave me a little bit of energy to get back to my studies. 

9. All of this. We get to enjoy all of this forever.

10. Smaller tree. Shorted out star. Shorted out color lights. And I’m okay with it. Choosing ease, deciding to let it be imperfect. Maybe this will be the trend going forward.