Ten.Seven Hundred & Ninety-Three

  1. Might as well get up.

  2. I light a candle and play a little bit of music. It is still too early to wake them. I boil some eggs and put bacon in the oven. 2 is easier than three.

  3. They say that it’s much easier to be on time since they don’t have to wait for their brother. Not entirely wrong.

  4. All of this is new for everyone.

  5. I am the person who dances in the car while driving. Which sounds really unsafe. But I’m going very slowly.

  6. White butterflies.

  7. I refill the water. Need to order more still, probably more sparkling too. Gotta figure out who to order from to get better pricing. One thing at a time.

  8. “I like how you said that. ‘I expect your room to be clean.’”

  9. I really have to commit to meal planning and meal prep. The feeling of being unprepared is not a feeling I like.

  10. Shrimp scampi for the win when the one who’s allergic is gone.

  11. I remember that making for the sake of making is a worthy venture. That experimentation leads to innovation. That the point of this is that it can be done for the sake of personal satisfaction and not external validation. That this is about the infinite game.