Ten.Seven Hundred & Ninety

  1. I think I hear him yelling. I rip out the cords from the machine and take his headphones and controller. I don’t say a word.

  2. I suppose I ought to get up and make a breakfast. Scones?

  3. I choose to drink my coffee and make everyone else scramble to get their things together for the baseball game. I think a mother’s life is mostly holding in all the “I told you so”s.

  4. Strikeout.

  5. Nope.

  6. And nope. But I take his card because if I do ever need an agent, I’ll gladly give my money to a black broker and agent. Plus he’s from Louisiana and so that makes me like him even more.

  7. I tell him that next year I will get my own license and we’ll buy our house on our own.

  8. “There are too many kids here,” she says. I laugh because, well, what else would there be at a baseball game. But what she means is, “there are too many noisy/young/cranky children.” Which is also funny because she is sometimes a noise/young/cranky child.

  9. A Sunday that feels like a Saturday.

  10. This smells like Syrah.