Ten.Eight Hundred & Sixteen

  1. Today is going to be a day.

  2. I pull out the black sweater dress. Craving softness against the skin.

  3. Why is it so dark? It doesn’t open until 8. How did I forget this? I head back tot he car and open up the google maps. I press play on Miranda July reading Janet Frame.

  4. Next, Curtis Sittenfiled reading Tessa Hadley. This story, this story. Yes, Curtis. I too like it when the female characters are not too likeable. And wow, yes. How much you know without having to know very much at all.

  5. I tell her she should eat what her body is telling her it wants. At this point that’s all she should be concerned about.

  6. The man is trying to push the Apple air pods real hard. Tells us we can listen to some good gospel music with them. We’re just here to get snacks for work.

  7. Last minute changes. Everything suddenly happening at the same time and right when I need to leave.

  8. What I am first struck by is that my son is at a table with two black teachers and his parent. And then I listen to them speak life and encouragement into him. How they speak to him like he is their own child, how they see his strengths and expect him to advocate for himself. When was the last time I heard a teacher tell a kid to advocate for themself? Best parent-teacher conference ever.

  9. Five giggly girls eating fondue.

  10. Way past my bedtime.