Ten.Eight Hundred & Seventeen

  1. I have to get up. So dark, so dark.

  2. I stir the mix for the waffles, slice the strawberries, whip the cream. They’ll drizzle chocolate syrup and spread sprinkles. Why am I even cutting up the fruit?

  3. I walk instead. Crisp morning air. The sound of my flip-flops slapping against the sidewalk. Two birds perched atop the street sign.

  4. Deep sigh.

  5. She asks me what I’m making for dinner and tell her chicken tortilla soup. She tells me that it’s hard to think about soup when it’s 100 degrees.

  6. She looks harried. I ask her if it’s been a little crazy since they added the drive-up. She nods her head and calls for support but helps me return two baskets I no longer need. I wish her a happy Saturday as more help arrives.

  7. I see something new every day. Or is that I just see the same things in a different way?

  8. Fresh pavement. Thank goodness.

  9. The time is going by too quickly.

  10. “Long-lasting change comes through long-standing effort. I don’t expect all things to heal in an instant, but I know that cumulative efforts can create the conditions for quantum leaps.” - Pisces and PIsces Rising, Chani Nicholas