Ten.Eight Hundred & Four

  1. I wish there was more time for laughs over coffee and scrambled eggs.

  2. I think of the interesting ways in which relationships shift as we age. It seems so strange to be talking with my uncle, adult to adult. I like how it feels more like being friends.

  3. I miss the ramp. Google didn’t say to head right. Now I will be late. Okay. Only a few minutes.

  4. She lets me go through the pre-check line because the plane is actually already boarding. I am grateful for that. Not as grateful about the bag check. Also not grateful for the gate change, nor the incorrect directions to the new gate, nor that I now have to check my bag because I’m so late.

  5. He asks me how I’m doing once I sit down. It softens me. I thank him for asking.

  6. So sleepy.

  7. So grateful for the Lyft ride. She is so quiet and she’s playing all the John Mayer. I sing along softly from the back seat.

  8. The heat is a shock after four days of 60-something degrees.

  9. I feel like I fail every birthday but she does say she’s happy. I believe her. I can see the twinkle in her eye. Maybe one day I’ll get the hang of it.

  10. Just needed one more day.