Ten.Eight Hundred & Fifteen

  1. So much better.

  2. Maybe it was just because my womb felt like it was on fire.

  3. No one eats the bacon anymore but I still keep making it.

  4. I hear myself voicing the need and I’m hoping it doesn’t sound too full of frustration but more like an observation, more like a request.

  5. But I hope she can make it.

  6. Some people are harder to read than others and that’s okay. Not everyone wants to be known.

  7. The coolness blowing through. Leaves on the ground. It’s coming.

  8. There are periods in life when you become acutely aware of the wounds that have yet to heal, the insecurities you’ve yet to overcome, and the false beliefs that you continue to hold onto. I feel like I’ve been in this period of awakening for long enough. It’s becoming tiresome. Growth is exhausting. But in many ways, I chose this.

  9. When I’m on this podcast and Deborah Triesman is interviewing me, I’m going to read “To Reach Japan” by Alice Munro. Yes. That’s the one I will read.

  10. Dinner is made and I didn’t have to think about doing it or making it and this, I think, is what makes this evening more full of ease. Such a small but big thing.