Ten.Eight Hundred & Six

  1. What will I do for breakfast?

  2. Do they even have anything for lunch? I did not return with a plan in mind.

  3. The break of dawn.

  4. I didn’t think she would recognize me without my braids but she tells me that she had a kidney stone attack and was in the hospital over the weekend. It catches me off guard because I haven’t yet had my coffee and I’m worried no one will eat the turkey I just bought. I’m not present enough to ask more questions.

  5. We decide he should stay home. It really only works when you do it every 4 hours.

  6. The act of unfollowing has become addicting.

  7. I make the call as I head south on Vasco and hope that the call doesn’t drop. But I know it will.

  8. Ah. I know who this is supposed to be but it still catches me off guard.

  9. Reddish-brown cow with a white face and I feel like he’s just staring at me. How can I eat that?

  10. I believe in our magic.