Ten.Seven Hundred & Sixty-Three

  1. Keanu and I walking and holding hands. That’s a first for the dreams.

  2. No one is as hungry as I am yet so I busy myself with dishes and list-making until we’re all ready to go. They really just want to make sure that we aren’t gone for too long. There go my plans for a day at the lake.

  3. Maybe I’ll just take myself there this week. Go alone. I just need to be by the water.

  4. Why are plates at diners so huge? Who can really eat an omelette that size?

  5. I can barely keep my eyes open. Maybe the result of working in yesterday’s heat. I slide into the hammock. Not a cloud in the sky. Like the Truman Show? Is it even real?

  6. The cake comes together easily. I fold in the egg whites and know it will be good. The texture looks just right. Blend the strawberries and then simmer to reduce them. I blend the puree with butter and confectioners sugar. The frosting looks a little thin but it tastes amazing.

  7. Basket after basket after basket after basket.

  8. “We reached a point in our lives where we don’t have to be practical…so let’s do what we love.”

  9. Not enough batteries.

  10. Too many labels. But free to evolve.