Ten.Seven Hundred & Seventy-Two

  1. What is today? Oh, Tuesday. Ok.

  2. I remember that there is cereal so I can move more slowly today.

  3. I fill the pot with water, ginger, orange slices, cardamom, peppercorns, cloves. I sweep while it simmers.

  4. I tell her that the funny thing is that someone gave me one of these before and then I gave it to someone else. I’ve been thinking about it for the last few months and now here it is. I’ll take it as a sign.

  5. But there’s barely anything on the belt.

  6. It could be something. Maybe not. There is still time to decide.

  7. In the next house I want a window over the kitchen sink.

  8. We go to the library together, just the two of us. He sits down at a computer and searches for his books. I show him how to place books on hold. Proud.

  9. Where did all of these flies come from?

  10. I try not to think about the heat. They want to know if they’ll have to go to school when it’s 110 degrees. I hope not.