Ten.Seven Hundred & Seventy-Seven

  1. Oops.

  2. Quiet. No dogs barking—yet. I open up the windows to let in the cool morning air.

  3. Tulsi tea. Not even missing coffee. That’s a lie. I do miss coffee. But I’m not desperate for it. That’s a lie. I am desperate for a cup of it on a morning that calls for a sweater and a near-empty to-do list.

  4. It’s nice to be a passenger.

  5. I just don’t think I could ever get over this.

  6. Syrah, syrah, and more syrah.

  7. I may or may not know what I’m talking about.

  8. How much longer?

  9. Hammock time. It’s been too long. The sound of the air conditioning kicking on keeps waking me.

  10. Context matters.