Ten.Seven Hundred & Seventy-Eight

  1. Just a hint of light.

  2. A counter scattered with odds and ends to make a breakfast. There is enough here; now to show them how to cobble together a meal from it.

  3. The time is gone. No time to eat the eggs. I’ll save them for tomorrow. We’re all leaving at the same time; this is a different dance.

  4. Two crows perched upon a developer sign. A big bush of something pale pink sticking out of the straw covered hill.

  5. A steer high up on the hill. I always wish I had time to pull over to the side of the road and capture what I see. I want to gather all the wildflowers that blow in the wind. I wonder what I can crow now, so late in the season.

  6. On the desk is a basket with pens, post-its, a hat, a t-shirt. There’s also a bottle of Brut next to my computer and my phone. And now suddenly, I feel a little bit like more of a grown-up.

  7. “I’d be no fun if I had a filter.”

  8. We walk back to the office. Blue sky. Golden hills. Green trees. Full grapes. A bowl of candy. There are worse things.

  9. I stop at the farm stand for zucchini, avocados, red onions, and corn. I gift myself a bunch of lavender. One of these days I’ll grow my own.

  10. Possibilities.