Ten.Seven Hundred & Eighty-Two

  1. There is one long to-do list but at least it doesn’t involve going to work.

  2. I see the cones blocking off the road up ahead. Set-up for the farmer’s market. I make a left for donuts.

  3. I move slowly but keep my list in front of me so that I don’t get too distracted. But the whole point of the store is for you to be distracted. I fill the cart up with 4 different kinds of deodorant. One way of marking the passage of time is to realize that almost of all of your children need to wear deodorant.

  4. I think this will all work out just fine.

  5. I thank her for sharing her process with me. That it helped me to take the final step in shifting away from the old life into the new one. That making the decision lifted so much weight off of my heart.

  6. Hot.

  7. Everything is coming together.

  8. This nut-free pesto plus pasta plus grilled chicken thigh dish.

  9. We talk about the power of connecting through language while drinking La Caña Albariño at dusk. Pale pink and hazy blue skies. The sound of crickets.

  10. Confidence.