Ten.Seven Hundred & Eighty-Four

  1. Forgot to turn the alarm back on.

  2. Leftover cinnamon loaf and fruit. No one is going to eat the fruit.

  3. Is that almost a smile? In the car on the way to school?

  4. I tell myself I will only drink half a cup. I drink the whole thing.

  5. So private and secluded. You almost forget where you are. Roses and Spanish tile and wine. Gratitude.

  6. Hot.

  7. He asks to come to the library with me. I wonder if it’s obvious how much I enjoy feeding their library habit. Read all the books you want. I will drop everything for a trip to the library.

  8. It feels good to let some of this all go.

  9. Kay Ryan and water outside at dusk. It is surprisingly quiet. Pale pink light.

  10. So much laundry.