Ten.Seven Hundred & Twenty-Nine

  1. Monday. Monday.

  2. The to-do list looks long but it’s actually very doable and that feels good.

  3. I promised myself only one cup but now here I am on cup two.

  4. I’ve got to just learn how to let it go. Trust yourself, trust yourself.

  5. I think in terms of what I can double so that there’s lunch for the following day.

  6. School starts in 4 weeks. 4 weeks!

  7. How different things can be from week to week. Two weeks ago I thought I was going to be living a completely different life. Now, here we are, without the thing, without the need to shift anything at all but our expectations and plan of action.

  8. I knew he would be like this today because he is always like this when he has days like today.

  9. We decide that it’s not so much anger as much as disappointment. And what do you do with that disappointment? (And the anger?) I tell him that if one is to stay, then one can—must—fight for the changes that they wish to see.

  10. What kind of job can you get where you read things and then tell people about all the things you read? But like, how to apply it within their organization or life?