Ten.Seven Hundred & Thirty-Three

  1. Oh wait, that’s right. Frozen waffles. I can relax.

  2. Just make sure everything is scheduled and ready to go. Because top priority is hammock time.

  3. Day one.

  4. 140 days.

  5. I look at my hand and see it’s gone. I pace the ground in front of me hoping to see something gleaming. Nothing. He helps me look for 10 minutes before he goes inside to do his own errands.

  6. Nothing. It’s gone.

  7. The woman is so sweet. She tells me to beg God to return it to me. That I might be surprised. That it’s what she does whenever she needs something.

  8. He tells me it’s okay but it doesn’t feel ok.

  9. We had to come down at some point.

  10. It feels like there’s a hole in my heart.