Ten.Seven Hundred & Thirty-Seven

  1. Sprinklers. I knew I should have closed the door.

  2. Morning gold.

  3. I must be waking up too late to see the snails.

  4. We both apologize for sleeping in. I’m too late to do anything too creative for breakfast this morning. I grab a slice of toast and she decides on a mouthful of cherries.

  5. Grateful that we made the time.

  6. I remind myself that I don’t have to read anymore of it. Five chapters in and nothing resonating. I can let it go. It’s okay to quit it.

  7. Close time.

  8. I’m okay with this being a part of my personality.

  9. They decide that they’ll pipe the pavlovas onto the parchment paper. Though they are a little brown, they are the best ones she’s ever made.

  10. Emotional cooking. Emotional eating. Everyone loves this recipe.