Ten.Seven Hundred & Thirty-Four

  1. It’s still gone.

  2. I must have waited too long to eat. Every bit elicits a painful pang in the gut. Or maybe I just can’t eat donuts anymore.

  3. Coffee in the little blue mug. Not enough before a day of work.

  4. The New Yorker Fiction Podcast. I finish the one of Emma Cline reading her latest work.

  5. I like being outside the best.

  6. I like rules. Rules help contain chaos. Other people don’t like rules when the rules interfere with the desires of the ego.

  7. I sit in the car and make the phone calls. One wants pictures so that they can cross-reference. Another wants to make sure I’m local. The other I have to to force to take down a description and my name. But that’s something. At least I’ve done something.

  8. A piece of me is still missing.

  9. He reminds me that it’s just an object.

  10. But a piece of me is still missing.