Ten.Seven Hundred & Thirty-Five

  1. Still gone.

  2. The way the yellow-gold light comes through and falls across the bed, makes the shadows on the wall.

  3. Bacon and scrambled eggs for me. They add waffles for themselves. Small cup of coffee while I search.

  4. I gather my things and move outside. The air is cool but still. Birds are fighting in the trees.

  5. False hope.

  6. Now, a different book. Now, water with thin slices of cucumber. Now, the hammock.

  7. The inability to keep my mind from drifting to other things not contained in the book. Forcing myself to return to the book. I sway and read.

  8. Two hours have passed with me just here. This is the mark of a good Sunday.

  9. I think about tomorrow. About the phone calls that need to be made. The work that needs to be done. The food that needs to be bought. All of the bits of regular and ordinary life that must be dealt with.

  10. What an odd couple of weeks.