Ten.Seven Hundred & Thirty-Eight

  1. Still dark.

  2. More light.

  3. Everyone else is slow to wake. I start the coffee too late. I can feel the headache coming.

  4. But I just wish he was as happy about this as I am. He just keeps avoiding my eyes. I rub his back. This is exciting.

  5. I don’t but I do.

  6. I sit back into the hammock. and look at the sky. All blue. Tall date palms blowing in the wind. Bird chatter. I close my eyes.

  7. This does feel good.

  8. The gifts of tidying up: finding pictures you didn’t know you had, visual order, space.

  9. Yeah. They’re right. This garlic bread is really good.

  10. He’s making me watch the ESPY’s.