Ten.Seven Hundred & Forty-Nine

  1. But I don’t want to get up.

  2. At least today should be an even slower day. Maybe there will be space for daydreaming.

  3. Today is our anniversary and I must have been so concerned about having the weekend off for our trip that I forgot to ask for the day off. I even forgot a card and I always remember a card. Is this what happens when the years begin to really accumulate? Well, our trip was like an early anniversary gift. There’s that.

  4. There are still small bits of metal and plastic in the intersection; I think back to yesterday morning and the crushed up Toyota Camry; the Infinity SUV askew in the middle of the left-turn lane; the older man, thin and frustrated, carrying his bumper from the intersection and then throwing it into the parking lot.

  5. A coyote crosses in front of me. Animal Medicine.

  6. It will be warmer today but I’d still rather be outside.

  7. General Animal Symbolism of the Coyote:

    • Skill

    • Instinct

    • Ingenuity

    • Enthusiasm

    • Transformation

    • Inventiveness

    • Intelligence

    • Playfulness

    • Resourcefulness

  8. She just won’t stop talking.

  9. All of this drama over a glass of wine that I can’t pour because it’s after 4:30. I can’t even complete a sentence. But she just won’t go home. I just hope that once she does leave that she never comes back again.

  10. Burgundy with dinner and Joseph Perrier Cuvée Royale Brut Vintage 2002 for dessert.