Ten.Seven Hundred & Fifty-Four

  1. Make-up. Jewelry. Freshly-pressed pants.

  2. I make a mental list: meeting, grocery store, school supplies, clothes shopping? Save the clothes and shoes for Saturday?

  3. The sounds of the birds and the coffee pot and the dishwasher and my fingers on the keyboard. One of these things is more natural than the others. I want more of the natural.

  4. I listen to the podcast and then remember that the way this person wants to live their life is so different from the way I want to live my life and so why am I consulting this person on anything? Note to self: pay closer attention to what is being consumed.

  5. Green, gold, blue.

  6. I reread yesterday’s spread, remind myself to relax and that I’ve got this. All will be well.

  7. She looks like California. What I mean is that there is an effortlessness about her but I can tell by looking into her eyes that she’s sharp. Quiet intelligence.

  8. Refinement.

  9. We snuggle and finish the rest of Jurassic Park. The first and original is the best and this is the only one I’m willing to watch over and over and over again.

  10. Day 4 of no coffee which feels weird but also good. I am feeling my body and trusting my gut on this. But I’m so tired.