Ten.Seven Hundred & Fifty-Eight

  1. These dreams. So stressful.

  2. I forgot to buy blueberries. No muffins today. I warm the leftover scones and set out the toaster and jam.

  3. Rub the backs like they’re still babies.

  4. I keep losing my mug of chai.

  5. I will figure this out. I will figure this out.

  6. There’s potential here.

  7. The irony is that he’s a rule follower at school.

  8. Of course there’s a mom coming to my door right after I’ve taken out my braids and scratched my scalp until the gel residue and dandruff has peppered my hair and forehead and I’m hovered over the computer trying to write another sentence.

  9. I trust myself.

  10. What day is it?