Ten.Six Hundred & Ninety-Nine

  1. This time I’m an on-campus student at Berkeley, passing on my grown-up knowledge to the underclassmen.

  2. I realize that I still have a chip on my shoulder about college.

  3. Willie’s Bagels. No pretzel bagels here. Why are they giving them to me in a big brown bag?

  4. I need to remember to move the hammock at the end of the day so that it doesn’t get wet from the sprinklers. Seriously delaying my hammock time.

  5. So quiet.

  6. Hot. Still only 1 run. He catches a pop fly that hung in the air for way too long.

  7. Bases loaded. He gets hit by a pitch to walk the winning run in. One play-off game down, two more to go.

  8. 90 degrees but still cool in the shade.

  9. We show them how to eat an artichoke. The oldest one loves them, wants to have them more often. The other two are very clear that they don’t want to have them ever again.

  10. Yeah, it’s happening. I think.