Ten.Seven Hundred & Two

  1. What bird song is hat?

  2. Wait. I’m doing the field trip today. What did I get myself into?

  3. The in-between.

  4. So hot in the sun. Luckily there’s enough shade on the street.

  5. “Will you be going here for middle school?” “Mom? Will I be going here for middle school?” “I don’t know, sweetie. If we’re still here, I guess.” I can’t make any kind of promises in this moment.

  6. Roses. The flag flapping in the wind. It feels good to be here. It feels so good to be here.

  7. Not that I want to fit in but I do want to feel like I belong. We all want to feel like we belong. But I am so not interested in faking through pleasantries. So I guess that means I need to be okay with being left out.

  8. Most people want to hear the truth. Most people don’t want to be questioned. Most people don’t don’t want to feel the burn of self-reflection.

  9. 93 degrees in the sun is really hot.

  10. No one wants to lose like this.