Ten.Seven Hundred & Twenty-Two

  1. So many strange dreams.

  2. I divy up the leftover donuts and insist upon fruit for breakfast. He thinks 10 cherries is enough. I laugh. I take the last leftover blueberry muffin, warm it in the oven. These really are the most perfect muffins.

  3. This week is not starting off like I thought I would. I’m letting that be okay.

  4. All of these graham crackers are stale.

  5. I grab something from the Haut-Medoc and something from Chile. I’m looking forward to today’s tasting group.

  6. You know you’re a poet when you spend 5 minutes considering the importance of choosing between “on” and “at.”

  7. I write the script.

  8. I turn on Twilight Zone and listen to it with my eyes closed. Out of contacts plus an eyeglass prescription that’s too old equals tired eyes, hurting eyes. Sometimes it’s hard to parent yourself. Why did I wait so long before ordering contacts?

  9. Leaking dishwasher. Water. Every rental, always water. It feels like some kind of sign.

  10. Hawk. Right out the window. Vision. Focus. Lead. Energy.