Ten.Seven Hundred & Twenty-Seven

  1. I’ve slept in.

  2. Sore. Arms, legs, a little bit of the back. Must be from the jumping and trying to dunk on that basketball hoop.

  3. She’s rubbing her neck through her robe, saying she’s sore. We’re all sore, dear.

  4. At least it won’t be too hot today. I’ll be able to manage in this weather. Now if I can only keep my eyes from itching.

  5. How big they get. I haven’t seen any cows this close to the fence in so long. I wish I could stop an take a picture of them. Their coats look so shiny in the morning sun.

  6. This is rollerskating music.

  7. I tell her that the best part about working the lounge is that I have to practice saying “no.” That I’m able to do it with my kids but not with strangers but I’m getting better at being comfortable saying it. I like rules. Rules create order. And I need order.

  8. He asks me how people have been treating me today. I tell him, so far, so good. “It’s just that I used to work retail and I remember how mean people can be.” “You’re right. Last Saturday was that way. Thankfully, I’m getting through today unscathed.”

  9. I think of where he was when he was my age and then where he is now. There is still time.

  10. Ok. But what is it exactly that needs changing?