Ten.Seven Hundred & Three

  1. Funny dreams. No ice cream. Maybe stress?

  2. Out of coffee. Remember that I have a Nespresso. Decide on making an oat milk cappuccino. Satisfied.

  3. I always forget that it’s 3 hours and not 2.

  4. Unsettled. Sometimes the grown-up thing is having a difficult conversation. I am worried about the phone tone. I will follow up with an email.

  5. I close the cookbooks and decide to try to meal plan on another day. I just need to take care of today. One day at a time. One day at a time.

  6. Look at the clock.

  7. I forget how good it feels to cross things off.

  8. He gives me a hug hello, asks where Michael is. I tell him he’s working so I came in alone to get an order to go. He brings me an ice water while I wait, tells me to stay cool. This is the first summer here for the both of us. We’re both very hot.

  9. More waiting.

  10. I realize that if she’s just being real, then that’s actually exactly the kind of person I’d like to get to know.