Ten.Seven Hundred & Sixteen

  1. 4 am. And I don’t think it was the sprinkler this time.

  2. I check each child to see how they are sleeping. They sleep wildly. Heads thrown back, backs arched, mouths wide open. Deep sleep.

  3. Coffee. I make a mental list. There isn’t a lot but I still feel weighed down by it all.

  4. Sent. Now wait.

  5. He would tell me I need to be more confident.

  6. “Big Magic” with a glass of kombucha. The hammock is too wet to sit in. Must remember to pull it away from the sprinklers. I choose a chair in the shade.

  7. The thud of ripe nectarines falling from the tree. The robins will be pecking at them soon.

  8. Ok. Let’s try this again.

  9. I was the larger dishes by hand. Slowly. He tells me that I shouldn’t think like that. Whis is the same thing as “grow some confidence.”

  10. Grapeseed and rosemary oils.