Ten.Seven Hundred & One

  1. I really would like to sleep until the alarm goes off.

  2. Cereal and oatmeal mornings are my favorite.

  3. Snails in the front. I thought they only lived in the back.

  4. The last Monday of the school year. Am I ready for summer yet? I don’t know. I think I am. But today, I’ll have the whole house to myself. Not many more of these kinds of days left.

  5. We talk about how the great thing about recapping every two weeks is seeing how far we’ve come. We spend too much time staring down the list of all that is yet to be done that we forget all that we’ve done.

  6. I offer them water.

  7. Poltergeist while designing a menu. My eyes keep crossing. But I do love this color blue.

  8. I haven’t had it before but it’s Antinori and so it must be pretty decent. 93 points from James Suckling.

  9. Kombucha in the govino and Miranda July because the extra baseball practice is cancelled.

  10. “Loving is all in the blood anyway.” - “Making Love in 2003”, Miranda July