Ten.Seven Hundred & Nine

  1. I think I slept in too much.

  2. Oh, right. I forgot the coffee. Cappuccinos instead.

  3. I grab the mug. I think of them and our Tuesdays together, of couches and “mom’s group” snacks.

  4. But I really do just need to get this off of my list.

  5. Salad in a bag to the rescue. Grapes. More water. More water. Still so thirsty.

  6. I sit down and tell her that this is a full circle moment for me. That it was in her restaurant that we decided that we would be living here in California. And now I’m assisting her on this new project of hers. Full circle. I can feel my nerves though.

  7. I just get it. Because I already know and believe these things too.

  8. So much beauty.

  9. Tuna and broccoli and brown rice. Nothing spectacular to write home about but we’re all full and satisfied.

  10. Every passing moment is a chance to turn it all around.