Ten.Seven Hundred & Fourteen

  1. The sprinklers sound especially loud this morning. Now I also know that it’s 4 am.

  2. I am waiting for them to wake before I prepare the french toast. I lean against the counter with my small cup of coffee and watch the clock.

  3. Maybe because it’s real whipped cream.

  4. The three of us decide that blue cheese crust is a must for at least one of the steaks.

  5. He tells us that he is also having steak but taking it up a notch with lobster mac’n’cheese and a bottle of Chateau St. Jean Cinc Cepages.

  6. I drag the hammock into the shade and start to read. Mendocino and Lake County. Billy Eilish fills the air. They must be using the pool. I close my eyes.

  7. I put a little bit of blue cheese on my tongue. It’s a little milder than I expected but will still stand up nicely with the Bordeaux.

  8. Gratitudes.

  9. Ribeyes with blue cheese, sauteed spinach, grilled corn. 2010 Clos Canon. The wine is graphite and cigar box, fruit is present. It still tastes youthful. Should have waited another 10 years. One of these days we’ll develop more patience.

  10. I keep the streak going.