Ten.Seven Hundred & Four

  1. Last day.

  2. But just get out of bed. But I’m also proud of him for staying up all night to read.

  3. Finally a break from the heat. Morning pages to the sound of doves and palm trees.

  4. All of the moms in front of me are crying. My eyes well up with tears too. I don’t remember having a 5th grade graduation but I see how this is an important milestone. We are moving into another world.

  5. He pauses so I can take his picture. I send it to my parents. They say he is just like me. I see it. I see it.

  6. I tell him that we’re going to go eat our lunch but that we’ll pick him up if he wants. I’m almost back to Michael when I feel his arms wrap around me. There it is. It’s not all over yet.

  7. Deciding to not be too attached to the outcome.

  8. I thought I would get more done today.

  9. They aren’t too thrilled with our plans for tomorrow but I know once they get there they’ll love it just like they did last time.

  10. I really don’t know what’s next.