Ten.Seven Hundred & Five

  1. Energized. Well-rested though I know I woke up multiple times throughout the night.

  2. First day. It’s a day for lot of beauty hunting.

  3. So much concern for how much xBox time will be missed because of today’s adventure.

  4. Of course she selects a caramel tart to eat at 9:30 in the morning. I settle on a breakfast sandwich which I thought was going to be on a bagel but is on a muffin. She either gave me the wrong thing or I ordered the wrong thing. But it’s still pretty tasty.

  5. We see the mobile bottling line first then the tank room. Then we hop on the cart for a short tour of the vineyard. I didn’t expect this but I’m grateful for it. They are excited. This is what we want them to see. That we didn’t move them here just because we like wine and because daddy works in wine. It’s that there’s this beautiful piece of the country to see. There’s the wildlife and nature and the friends we’ve made. That there are other career paths that aren’t tied to desks and office buildings but to nature and the outdoors. That we just want them to see different possibilities as we explore different possibilities ourselves.

  6. Still no call. This is probably a good thing.

  7. St. Helena’s Farmer’s Market but it’s a little too late. Everyone is packing up. I stop to talk to a ceramicist. She raves about Calistoga. I take it as a sign.

  8. Patz & Hall Pinot Noir. Cheeseburger without the bun. Garlic-cheese fries. We decide we both like this street.

  9. The ride home is too long. I told him this would be the problem with a small car on long trips. Too much touching.

  10. The way the sunlight glitters through the palm leaves. Dappled light. Quiet night.