Ten.Seven Hundred & Fifteen

  1. The clicking of the slats. I get up to close the sliding glass door and then make my way back to bed.

  2. The rose vines.

  3. Baseball camp for 2 of them. It will be like having none of them.

  4. Even all burned up these hills look beautiful. I’d still pick this school just for the scenery.

  5. Morning pages on the patio. Hot coffee. A pen that I found in the yard. The thud of nectarines falling to the ground. I need to harvest this afternoon.

  6. Beauty.

  7. I need to fix their computer. Why is everyone playing Roblox on mine?

  8. “An Amplified Existence”

  9. I grab a wooden bowl and the scissors just in case. I look for the deep red and purple ones, give them a gentle squeeze to see how soft they are. They pull away from the tree with ease. Abundant. Abundant. So much gratitude for abundance.

  10. Everybody has One.