Ten.Seven Hundred & Eleven

  1. No alarm. Still getting up at the same time.

  2. Maybe in the next home I’ll have a clothesline. It’s so warm here. And if the garden is full of lemon trees and lavender and rosemary and jasmine and roses. Yes, that would be so good.

  3. But I really do love this mug.

  4. Finally, a reprieve. I take the coffee and the book to the hammock. I drag it to the part of the patio that’s half sun and half shade.

  5. I can’t believe that’s actually a nectarine tree. Nectarines!

  6. The ride down is quiet. The cows look a little bigger than normal. A whole season of feeding. I think of her instagram story that mentioned the amount of water it takes to produce one kilo of beef.

  7. Complex.

  8. The wait is a little excruciating. We’re both big dreamers and we’re both a little impatient.

  9. I remind myself that I know more now than I ever have before.

  10. I ask her if she’s going to come with me tomorrow. She says yes. I’m a little excited to have a mini assistant.