Ten.Seven Hundred & Eight

  1. Today is the hot one.

  2. I remember that I turned off the alarm last night. I am okay with this slightly later start to the morning.

  3. Remember to get coffee today.

  4. The contrast of the blue and the brown and the green. The sky feels so big. I give myself an imaginary pinch. I know that this is not a dream.

  5. By wine 3 we all relax a little bit. Also, this was a surprise.

  6. 100.

  7. He says that it’s okay, that everyone is stressed. I tell him it’s not that. It’s that this messy kitchen and the fact that I seem to be the only one ever cleaning it that is making me feel stressed.

  8. I open the box and it’s a mug she’s made herself. It’s short, but with a sturdy handle. It reminds me of the sea. I almost cry on the sidewalk.

  9. I forgot coffee.

  10. I can’t seem to keep my eyes open. This too is a side effect of stress.