Ten.Six Hundred & Sixty-Seven

  1. So many snails. Withered roses. I need a sweater.

  2. The sun is beginning to rise. I go and get coffee grounds because I can’t wait another day for the grinder to arrive and I can’t keep using 3 Nespresso pods every morning.

  3. Finally a full cup.

  4. I make a list. I forgot how good it feels to check things off.

  5. White bull grazing. Hazy sky. Oak-studded hills.

  6. Every wall is white and it’s full of light. I am thinking of all the possibilities: photo shoots and workshops and side projects. And she’s just as bright as her pictures. The space reflects her energy.

  7. I re-watch the Youtube videos. Parts.

  8. He does have an arm. He hustles so hard. I love watching him play.

  9. I still don’t know how to dress for this weather

  10. He tells me not to say up until 2 am. But I know I will anyway.