Ten.Six Hundred & Sixty-Eight

  1. Already 6:30am. At least I got 2 hours in.

  2. But they really do look so good. And so it was worth missing all the sleep.

  3. Morning pages outside in the sun. I’m too tired to think.

  4. I think maybe I break so much glass because I’m trying to move too quickly. I just want to get the work over with. But all the broken glass is really just a sign to slow down. To accept that this is the work and to do it with more care instead of just rushing through it.

  5. I send her a picture of the whiteboard. A way for me to say, “See! I’m listening! I’m doing it!”

  6. It’s still a little cool, even in the sun.

  7. We make our way back home. I through my head back in the sun. “Man, I love it here!” “Right?!”

  8. I cocoon myself in the hammock. I watch the humming bird move from lemon tree to orange tree, to bird of paradise. Then it hovers near me. Just sits right there. Turns around and shows me its glittery green back. Then flutters away. I relax my head back into the hammock and smile.

  9. I realize that the table is placed there because you will get just enough shade at dinner time to make al fresco dining more pleasant.

  10. Blue crab beignets.