Ten.Six Hundred & Seventy-Six

  1. How much longer before the alarm goes off?

  2. Linen feels right for today.

  3. “It’s Thursday, isn’t it? Today is Cleaning Day.” I love it when he reminds me.

  4. And I hate that the rewards are working.

  5. I like that this is a judgement-free conversation. I say out loud that I need to dial back the ambition. I’m carrying over the goals from last week. Because, look. You can’t build Rome in a day.

  6. I’m glad we’re back to our weekly calls.

  7. The walk doesn’t take very long. The sun is bright. There’s a breeze. It’s quiet. Her shirt says Chicago.

  8. I just need more sleep. I drag the hammock into the shade. There is the sound of a mower and a weed wacker, a prop plane, doves,

  9. Four dragonflies circling the yard.

  10. “Got treasures in my mind but couldn’t open up my own vault/My childlike creativity, purity and honesty/Is honestly being crowded by these grown thoughts/Reality is catchin’ up with me” - Power, Kanye West