Ten.Six Hundred & Seventy-One

  1. A little dark. Must not be quite time to get up.

  2. This denim dress might the dress of the summer.

  3. I hate that I have to leave them in this way but I have to and I want to go so I am going.

  4. I have no sunglasses and no hat. And I am early so I should probably stop and get them. I find a floppy black hat, the kind I’ve been pinning, the kind that I sometimes make fun of because it’s very much a Californian-Instagram-It-Girl hat. Oh wait, maybe I am one?

  5. Power.

  6. But what makes a space safe?

  7. So many beautiful brown faces. I know this is really only because there is a scholarship in place to make sure that some of these brown faces are here. And it’s shitty that black women still have such a hard time being able to participate in important conversations.

  8. Bake another pie.

  9. How am I providing space in which others feel like they belong?

  10. I should go to the after party but I’m an introvert and I’ve peopled for 8 hours already. It’s best that I honor my energy and go home than to push myself and continue on, half extinguished.