Ten.Six Hundred & Seventy-Nine

  1. Forgot to turn off the alarm.

  2. Nee more water. Need more rest. Need more coffee.

  3. I think about how I’m not good at giving gifts. Meaning, I forget to buy gifts in enough time to get them to people. I used to interpret it as not being thoughtful. It’s not that I’m not thoughtful. I think I’m very thoughtful. I just didn’t grow up in a home where there was a lot of exchanging of gifts. In what other ways am I capable of showing appreciation?

  4. But I still feel bad.

  5. Today’s intention: To make everyone feel noticed.

  6. So many butterflies.

  7. Four months in and I am more of an expert than others. Being able to pass on knowledge feels good. Remember this.

  8. She’s so annoyed that I have to check her ID.

  9. I tell him that I won’t ever work on Mother’s Day again. And it’s not about working on a busy day. It’s about not being able to spend the day with my family.

  10. We’re going to go to the beach. Yes. That’s what I want for my birthday.