Ten.Six Hundred & Seventy-Five

  1. Get dressed now? Or wait? I’ll wait.

  2. The sizzle of butter in the pot. Water. Brown sugar. It’s not fancy. It wasn’t meant to be fancy. I can’t believe I’ve been making this for 10 years. The time goes so fast.

  3. Something about this doesn’t feel right. Camino Diablo? I reset the directions. I wasn’t going to the right place. At least I’ll still be on time.

  4. Hills browned over. They look like gold and very dry. Off in the distance the fog lays low, hugging Mt. Diablo.

  5. I don’t think I could live all the way out here.

  6. I usually get a feeling about things and this time I am feeling uncertain. Not good, not bad. It could go either way. I play out alternative scenarios. None of them feel like losing.

  7. Funnyons.

  8. I forgot that she was coming today. I remind myself that no child cares about how clean my kitchen is. But tomorrow, I really do need to clean. It’s giving me too much anxiety.

  9. I keep talking about her wines. I keep telling me how much he’s going to like them. I keep telling him that we need to get back up to the valley again. That up there is where we belong.

  10. We have the same name. I find that amusing.