Ten.Six Hundred & Seventy-Eight

  1. The light. One bright patch of it on the wall. Her rose garlands. It’s a simple, quiet, beautiful scene.

  2. Cereal and milk. I did remember something for breakfast. I think I’ll have my coffee with the snails.

  3. I’d rather stay home and read in the hammock, write, watch the boys’ baseball games. It will be different next year.

  4. More coffee. Morning pages in the sun. Hummingbird. I set an intention for the day.

  5. Quiet One.

  6. Probably nervous for no reason. Large group. We knew it would be a matter of time. He tells me that I have the right energy for this.

  7. External validation.

  8. Holy. Mountains and hills and sky. And I swear the sun is gold. Gold!

  9. Am I worried about tomorrow? Everyone seems worried about tomorrow. I am just bummed that I’ll have to rush out of bed for work. But then I remember that I’ll have hammock time all week and that I’ll have time to be at the water and watch a baby laugh and giggle and it will be so good.

  10. I should have gotten the ice cream.