Ten.Six Hundred & Seventy

  1. The birds are to chatty in the pre-dawn hours.

  2. Work day. Heading in on a weekday feels strange.

  3. Everyone is extra friendly this morning in the grocery store. I almost feel bad for how quickly I am moving through.

  4. Hey, Hawk. I see you there so poised, gazing off into the distance. Birds are my medicine.

  5. The Right People + The Right Places = The Right Opportunities. - Ken Coleman

  6. I see blue and know it’s her. The wonderful thing about meeting internet friends in real life is that it enriches your connection to all things. And how excited I am to have a weekend full of black women in wine.

  7. Late.

  8. Wine on the patio while he grills the tuna. But isn’t every day beautiful?

  9. Nerves. It’s the driving part that makes me anxious. Not the day time driving but the night time driving.

  10. Nothing about parenting is easy. Nothing. As soon as you get over one thing, you’re confronted with another. The fear of not getting it right and messing it all up. Knowing that no matter what you do, someone will need therapy anyway. (We all need good therapy.) Trying to stay confident in your abilities. Because at least you are trying to do the best and most right thing.